Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Barn Project Continued

Last time on BMR we were placing the roof trusses. With that complete we were able to tie everything together with the hurricane straps, apply skip sheathing and place the tin roof.
The roof came from Construction Metal Products in Statesville, NC. It is the same place we got the roof for the house. It is of the galvalume type and unpainted. We suspect that it will also sound great in the rain but there has been none (or very little) for close to a month.

Ed M. came back with the mini excavator and we ran 180 ft of conduit (2" and 1") as well as water up to the barn for modern conveniences such as 100 AMP power, water, cable phone etc. It was a long weekend where we put about 20 hrs on the rented track hoe, but it was well worth it. We also moved tons of dirt to level the place out and create a better log lot (In the picture on the right you can see some of the logs from the clearing and the log lot area). The saw mill will be housed under this end of the mill with a 36 ft wide opening for bringing logs and cut wood in and out.

With the roof on, power connected and water running it was time for lights and outlets. We ran a few 20 AMP outlets and some overhead lighting, but left plenty of room for other circuits. As we work on placing the horizontal 2x4's for the siding it is nice to have plenty of power and electricity for a box fan.

Remaining items to complete before the final inspection on the barn are the following:

1. final row of screws on the roof

2. a few lag bolts on the posts

3. 27 sheets of sheathing to go up on the walls

4. general clean up

A piece of cake.....???

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