Friday, June 29, 2007

Farmyard Update...

The ducks are growing like weeds and look like they are almost full size. Unfortunately we lost one and are down to three left. About a month ago I got a call at work and Stephanie came outside and saw a 5-6 ft snake in the Chicken Tractor and it was in the process of trying to eat on of the ducks. She proceed to jump into the pen and rescued three of the ducks.

The three that are left are a blast. We moved the Chicken Tractor into the garden and fortified it. They get to take daily strolls around the garden and love to jump into a kiddie pool for a swim.

After we had the ducks for a few weeks we picked up some 2 week old guinea hens. They were given their own deluxe accommodations in the garden and have also been growing like crazy. They are supposed to dine on ticks and other bugs and given their love to peck at the ground it is no wonder they like to eat bugs. Now the big question is when to let them out since they may stay out. Guineas love to roost in trees but we are hoping they might come back to lay eggs.



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