Sunday, June 03, 2007

A chicken tractor for ducks.

It was time to move the ducks out of the garage. They are a few weeks old and we wanted to give them a little more room to move around and build a chicken tractor.

We have read a lot about chicken tractors over the past few years. This is a mobile chicken coop and you can move around the yard or garden and it gives the chickens a clean area to run around in every time you move it.

Last weekend we spent a day or so building it. We figured we would do a dry run with the ducks and see what we need to change on it before we get chickens.

The ducks are 3-4 weeks old and really growing. They get plenty of time to swim in the kiddy pool and are developing their own personalities.
It only took them a little while to start using the ramp to go up into their nest box area. A night we lock them in the box to keep them safe from predators.
Next up we are going to get some guinea hen chicks that will free range and eat all the ticks....


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