Tuesday, May 22, 2007

No new news except ducks..... (not completely true)

Since the last post in early April not much has happened on the building front. We decided to slow down and take a bit of a rest. It was also a good time to get a few things cleaned up around the house. Ever since Stephanie was diagnosed with breast cancer late last August we have been going non stop.

Her chemo is done .... the initial surgery is done .... things are looking up ... an answer to our prayers!!

Steph is getting better day by day and the place is starting to look like a home. We took some time to clean up the garage, workshop, closets, junk in the yard, the cars ... We must sound like some crazy pack rats but when everything is going crazy (e.g., major health concerns, house for sale, another house not finished, full time job, home schooling etc) it is easy to get overwhelmed with stuff ... especially when downsizing to a house that is about a third the size.

Okay ... all is getting better. During all the craziness we took the new dog back to the breeder. That was almost two months ago. So now to get to the story.

On Saturday, Josh, Jacob and I did our normal loop dive to Pittsboro to run errands. We stopped at the farm store. I can't remember the reason now but they had chicks and ducklings there and they were a week old. We called Steph on the way out to let her know the great amount of self control that we demonstrated by not buying any ducklings.

Much to our surprise she wanted to check them out, so yesterday we made a mad dash out there before they closed and 20 minutes later and about $36 poorer we were driving home with 4 ducklings between us a the supplies in the back of the truck.

They have settled in well and seem to be liking their new home except for the single duck escape today. Steph went to check on them. They are hanging out in my work area in a kiddie pool. One we trying to jump out and seemed to finally made it out. She checked around the shop and while singing Amazing Grace he came out from behind the beer cooler. What can you say.

Lots of new plans so expect lots of new posts real soon as we get back to life.....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's great to hear that Stephanie is doing so well! Nice additions to the family!! Every other year we raise baby Mallards for several months and then release them at a wildlife reserve near our home as my parents did, this gives the kids, the godchildren, the nieces and the nephews a thrill and puts the ducks back out into the wild after that thrill has died down. Really, we all love this ritual, the adults too.

6:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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