Friday, February 16, 2007

GPI 07 - Bloggin' next to the fire in the main room

We made it to the Grove Park Inn and the 20th Annual Arts and Crafts Conference last night after a long trip. It was supposed to be a 3.5 hr drive from Chapel Hill and we decided at the last minute to come one night early. Stephanie called and secured the room and all was set. The only problem was that I was in NYC for a conference Monday through Wednesday and my flight Wednesday night was cancelled. They offered to rebook the flight for Saturday evening. Normally it would not be a problem to spend a few extra nights enjoying NYC but we needed to head for the hills, or the mountains the the case may be.

After a night in a hotel next to Penn Station my coworker and I took a slow train back to North Carolina and after about 10 hrs on an overbooked train we got in around 7PM last night.

When Stephanie and I got to the GPI around 10:30 we were very surprised to find out that we got a room in the elusive main inn. It is the original section that has original figures and furniture by Elbert Hubbard and the Roycrofters. To be fully transparent, some of the case work was made by the White furniture company in North Carolina and then the Roycrofters applied their hardware.

There are only 150 rooms in the old section and they tend to be difficult to get. We figured out that it had to do something with us leading a small group discussion on Houseblogging on Sunday. Thanks Bruce!!!

As I type this entry they just stoked the fire and put some more logs on it. It is an enourmous fireplace with an opening that is 6 ft tall and about 12 ft wide. There is no better way to spend a "cold" afternoon or evening in the mountains.

Well it is time to plan the remainder of the day and figure out which sessions to go to. Feel free to leave me a comment if there is something that you would like us to cover over the next few days as we roam the place with computer and camera in hand.

Joel and Stephanie


Anonymous Ron said...

Hi you two. We will be there tomorrow.

8:32 PM  

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