Thursday, March 22, 2007

A Visit to Cole Pottery, Sanford NC

We finally had a Saturday where we did nothing ... well nothing around the house. The four of us got in the truck and drove to Sanford then Siler City and then home. It was a good half-day adventure.

Whenever I head into Sanford I need to stop at Cole Pottery. It is just before you get to Sanford and it is a great place. It is run by Neolia and Celia Cole and Neolia's grandson Kenneth George. Today Neolia and Kenneth were there. It is an old building with dirt floors covered with tar paper. The exterior is cover in vinyl siding and it is not showy. They have a back room that they are usually throwing pots. Neolia will usually have a cigarette going and Kenneth is quietly working.

It is as unpretentious as you can get. Celia and Neolia are the daughters of A.R. Cole, and the Coles are North Carolina pottery legends. (Side Note: Later that day we stopped by a small historical society/ museum in Sanford and they had pieces of Celia's and Neolia's work in display cases that were donated back in the 70's). They are very gracious and don't mind if you poke around their entire shop. They were taking a break from the potters wheels when we arrived but Neolia we happy to do a throwing demonstration for our boys.

What is amazing are the prices. We purchased about 20+ pieces and the total bill was $88. The juice cups are only $1.75 and glasses are $3. Larger vases etc can get pricy at $15 to 20 ;)

What is really great is that they will write random things on the bottom of their pieces ... everything from "Have a Nice Day" to "Buy Me" to "Drink Some Wine".

They are not the crazy George Ohr types
If you are ever near Sanford, NC I would suggest you stop and visit them.........


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the little mom and pop shops, like Cole Pottery. There's a good one, here in Mississippi, in Clara, called Mud Spinners.


12:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Joel, where did you go? Looking forward to further updates on the timber frame and other projects. You just can't leave us hanging!

All the best!

Wade - Ontario - Canada

11:14 AM  

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