Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tool Review : Lumbermate 2000

In the second of a series of tool reviews we are covering the Norwood Industries Lumbermate 2000. My good friend Jack and I decided to go in on a saw mill. We spent several weeks discussing makes and models over buck-fifty Monday night pints for several weeks and decided on the Lumbermate. It is a basic saw mill that does not have all the hydraulic log lifts or bells and whistles as the Wood Mizer has, but it is considerably less expensive. Norwood maintains an okay website and great discussion forum for the mill.

About a week after ordering it, the whole thing arrived on a pallet in about 40 boxes. We spent several nights assembling it. Most saw mills come fully assembled and are mostly welded together. This does not which gives you a better understanding how it is put together and allows you to fix just about anything.

The only extras we purchased for it was a box of 10 blades. It takes 1.25 inch wide band saw blades. They are very sharp and can inflict injury when you are trying to fold or unfold them. Beware! It is powered by a 13 HP Honda and you manually push it through the log. Even my 6 year old can push it.

We built our own trailer package and welded leveling feet for it. Both work well.

After assembly we pulled it out to the land and proceeded to cut tons and tons of wood. It is surprising how much wood has been cut with it given it only has about 40 hours on it. So we cut the entire timber frame, all the roof decking, flooring, skip sheathing and multiple piles of other wood. It also supplies and endless amount of wood scraps and saw dust.

We have about $5-6K in it and have easily cut $30K worth of materials in the last 1.5 years.


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