Thursday, April 20, 2006

The tin roof is finally complete!

The installation of the metal roof is finally done! If it lasts like it should I will be dead by the time it needs replacing. At least no one died or was seriously injured installing it! Gustavo and Jose did much of the work but I did not have the roof brackets completed and installed on the far end of the building so Coleman (he is the one in the pictures and I am taking the pictures) and I finished it on Saturday.

It is amazing how slick it is. Even though the steepest portion was only a 6-12 pitch, once there was a little pollen on it you could not stand on it. The last row of tin was definitely the hardest part.

It started to get real warm on the roof as we finished. It was like a big mirror reflecting the sun back at us. April was hot enough for installing a roof in North Carolina. I am happy we are not doing this in July or August.

Next on tap for the project:
- blocking around the rafter tails for siding and trim
- framing the interior walls (started on Tuesday)
- wrapping the house
- installing windows and doors
- installing siding
- finishing loading the kiln with wood for the flooring


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