Saturday, March 25, 2006

Roof Brackets Instead of NCAA Tournament Brackets

Even though it is March and I guess March Madness it is time for another madness ... Roofing Madness. A friend of mine who owns a roofing company offered to help us for a few hours this morning but there was one catch. We needed to have everything ready to go. As of Wednesday of this week we did not have the gable end complete (i.e. roof brackets in place or rafters). That lead to a few late nights with a halogen light stuck on top of the temporary power pole. Nothing like climbing a roof in the dark!

We started placing the roof brackets a few days ago in the dark after work. They are made out of southern yellow pine 4x6's from the building site. They definitely give the place the bungalow look. We need to finish cutting in the window openings.

The roof is going on today. Stephanie and I have a few friends that are going to come over to help. It is the first metal roof that we have ever installed. It should be fun.

Ahhh the life of the owner-builder. Time to finish the coffee so I can make it out to the land early this morning.


P.S. Here are some other recent pictures.


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