Monday, April 03, 2006

Pushing Tin with Gustavo y Jose

The roof is finally on! A friend of ours hooked us up with Gustavo and Jose ... his roofers during the week. The guys were fun to work with and we had a great time conversing in Spanish. The guys were experts in this type of roofing. The fun started on Saturday and Sunday (two beautiful days) and we wrapped up the last sheets this afternoon between major thunderstorms (Note to self: metal roofing installation and lightning do not mix).

There is a lot to learn about tin roof installation. The biggest thing to watch is how square the roof is since the panels are not easy to curve along an irregular roof like shingles. The other is to have the roof completely ready for the tin. Coleman and I were hustling the whole time to keep ahead of Gustavo and Jose.

The use of deep overhangs on the gable ends (42 in) and rafter tails (36 in) were a bit unnerving to sit on at first but once the skip sheathing was in place and I did the test bounce up and down about 25 ft in the air and nothing broke we felt a little better.

All that remains to do on the roof is to place the roof brackets on the other side of the house and screw down the panels on the gable end on that side.

It will be nice to finally sit on the porch in the rain and listen to the noise on the tin even if the porch decking is extra sheathing and the railings are 2x4's.


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