Tuesday, March 28, 2006

OSHA Approved Building Site

The roof is going on .... slowly. About a decade ago Stephanie and I put a roof on our Cape Cod in Madison WI. It was a much steeper roof pitch but we were using shingles. That seemed difficult at the time, but they provided better traction.

The whole safety profile changes when you are using tin and obscene depths on the gable ends, especially when it starts to rain. Half the porch is completed and the remainder of the tin is stacked on the roof.

We took the roof bracket and gable end depths from our 1909 Stickley house plans. The gables are 42 in deep and the rafters will extend about 32 in. This creates some difficulty in hanging out over the side of the house about 20 feet off the ground getting the rafters in place. While placing one rafter on the gable another would fall. Two rafters fell and both broke in half.

With the help of Jacob and Joshua we should be done by spring.


Blogger mart said...

thanks for your comment over on our blog... good to read of people other than us doing crazy things like building their own house in this area. Your land looks beautiful!
all the best--

6:04 PM  

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