Thursday, June 25, 2009

The CO .... we are done .... kind of

A few weeks ago we finally had the final inspection. It felt like the day that I turned in my PhD dissertation. Lots of work for many years and even more stress waiting to see if I would pass. The inspector came by for a visit and was there for about 20 minutes. He was and has been great to work with. Other than a few minor items he said we were good to go and to call him in a few days to sign off on the permit after we did the hour of fixes.

We added an outlet on the back of the house, pulled together documentation on the safety film on the windows and put some returns on the stair rails. The inspector showed up for his final visit about 5 minutes before a had a conference call and left with about a minute to spare. Not to gloat ... but you will notice no marks in the middle or failed inspection column. I was shooting for a perfect record but did not plan on getting one.

The house is nowhere near complete but we figure that we have at least 3-4 decades left to work on it, but at a slower pace. Watch for more updates in the near future now that there is more time to blog.

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