Friday, November 23, 2007

A recent comment....

When you start a blog you are not sure who will be reading it. The blog started shortly after we did the raising of our timber frame house almost two years ago as a way of tracking our progress and sharing our experiences with friends and family. The unexpected reward of the blog has been the comments and interactions we have had with people who we have met through this endevour. We have developed some new friends that heard about our projects on the Internet and since then have spent countless hours answering questions, giving advice and providing a helping hand when we needed it.

Also, there have been several people who have left great comments and words of encouragement especially as our homesteading took a detour the last 18 months as my beautiful and strong wife,Stephanie, successfully took on cancer and beat it.

Here was such a comment from a few days ago....

Anonymous said...
It's funny that I came to this place to read an entry about the Grove Park Inn and Ephraim Faience Pottery but left more interested in Stephanie's recovery, and this family's seemingly therapeutic building of a home. I no longer believe it when people say - The blogosphere, welcome to the unhappiest place on Earth - there is love and joy here. It's just that oftentimes, like in the "real" world, there may be a little effort involved in finding it. Thank you for this blog! And for sharing your wonderful world with others!



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