Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Back to the Front Porch

The porch is now back in business. It is now finally getting cool enough at night that we are able to spend time out here reading and catching up on some email. We even get a game of cards in or some Scrabble frome time to time.

Up until now, it has been too hot at night lately to do anything out here for the past few months. Tonight it is great. It is down into the upper 60's and the bugs are making their noises in the trees. The previous posting about the porch last November showed a porch full of clutter but not any more. We have it mostly clean.

A porch is important when you have a small house. It is 400 square feet, which is about 1/3 the size of the interior space. So when it is usable it is like having an instant addition, with a few flying insects. The best part is the view. It is positioned so we look out over the pond and up the hill side. No houses to see and no lights. Just trees and pitch black darkness at night.

The best part is Stephanie sleeping on the couch under a blanket. Fall must be approaching.


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