Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tubing, tubing and more tubing....

Towards the end of last week we rushed to finish our rough-in in preparation for the inspection (more on that later). We decided to use radiant heating as the major heat source. For the 1200 sq ft of living space we placed nearly 2000 sq ft of pex tubing (including potable water). Every thing was done in the DIY fashion. All of our radiant specific items came from www.radiantec.com. They have been great.

When tubing is placed under the floor joists it is held up using pre-formed aluminum plates. We made our own press and made about 600 14x14 in plates using about eight 40 ft rolls of 20 inch aluminum flashing. Our friends Scott and Kelly sold us their extra 1200 ft of ½ in pex tubing from their house project and the remainder came from Lowes.

We decided to skip buying fancy manifolds and sweat up our own. The second floor (880 sq ft) has 5 zones and the lower level (approx 300 sq ft) has 2 zones. Other than tightening the valves all tested out okay. It was interesting when our building inspector wanted us to let some air our of the gauges since you can buy preset 100 psi gauges to fake the pressure test.

While we were at it we placed hot and cold water sillcocks on the back of the house for a future outdoor shower that we will put into service once we move in.

Now we need to order our hot water heating source (likely a Takagi tankless heater) and have the propane tank delivered and buried.


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