Sunday, March 23, 2008

Egg Hunt at the Building Site

Easter Sunday was pretty much a day of rest at Boothe Mountain Retreat. We got home from church and decided that the building site would be a great place to hide 100+ plastic eggs filled with candy. We are a little over a week into framing and the first floor is done so that provided lots of hiding spots. The only thing, Ill bet Josh and Jacob did not find all the eggs. Jeff and Scott, our two workers, will enjoy finding some eggs on Monday.

We worked a little over a half day on Saturday. The guys were pretty beat. They put in close to 50 hours of framing this week. All the floor trusses are up except for a 10 ft section that will be supported by 8x10 timbers and an 8x8 column. We got the timbers up just after lunch on Saturday and the guys split. It was nice getting the timber framing tools out again. We chose to place a timber element in the addition to tie the new part with the timber frame current house. You can see the timbers in place as Jacob looks for some eggs in the braces.

After the egg hunt we set up some OSB cut off on some saw horses for a makeshift table and covered it with a table cloth. It was our first dinner in the new addition.

While the rest of the family rested I back filled the back portion of the foundation and cleaned up the place a bit for tomorrow. All in all it was a good day.


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