Monday, November 20, 2006

Bedroom window is open and it is 33 degrees outside....

Just headed to bed and we are sleeping again with the window open in the bedroom. It is going to hit a low of 33 degrees tonight. We consider ourselves pretty eco conscious so how come we do this.....

Okay it all started with purchasing acres of wood land. Then we got a sawmill. The bane of a sawmill owners existence is the off cut wood. We got piles and piles of wood. Some of it is poplar, some southern yellow pine, some fruit wood, some beech and some oak .... but we got tons of it.

So we went and got one of them soap stone stoves (Woodstock Soapstone Stove Co.). It is a small stove but does it throw out the heat. Not the heat like my parents buck stove did in the 70's and 80's but still some BTUs. It is an even heat that lasts and lasts ... about 8-10 hrs per load of 2-3 pieces of hardwood. I tell you the wood does not go quietly into the night.

So the house gets up to 75+ degrees and that is why we sleep with the windows open. It is like early spring all winter ... nights with a cool breeze as you sleep.

Warm rooms with open windows and nice breezes .... and no guilt of adding to the energy crisis. BTW, it has a catalytic combuster that allows it to burn real clean.

Since I am in bed I am not taking the time to shoot pictures of the stove tonight but here is what we got ... less the dog and the fancy fireplace opening.


Blogger oldmilwaukee said...

Nice stove! You mean they don't come in and lay up that stone alcove for you when you buy one of their stoves! :)

8:19 PM  

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