Monday, July 10, 2006

Oh well ... can you say artesian?

Today was a big day at Boothe Mountain Retreat. We finally got the well guys on site to dig the well. At around $10 a foot with the average well going 250+ feet around us it was going to be an expensive day. We all arrived on site around 9 am and they set up the rig I watched the first 40-50 feet before heading off to work with anticipation of deep dry holes. The guy running the show said that they just finished a job with a 900 ft dry hole (can you say $9,000). They were going to call when they hit water to discuss the flow rate and whether they should keep going. It will usually range from 2-6 gallons per minute.

After a seemingly long day at work and no calls I headed out there around 4:30 to check on the progress. When I got there water was gushing out of the well casing and they were just finishing drilling!!! At around 285 ft they hit water ... and I mean water. It was really coming out. They stopped around 300 ft and pulled the drill. It was the most amazing thing. The well was flowing at 40 - 50 gpm and water was coming out the 300 ft hole without a pump. It is a true artesian well. A while back our neighbor said that when he had his well dug about 20 years ago it did the same thing ... for 10 years. We have enough pressure that we could probably run a 1 inch line to the house with no pump and only use a pressure pump in the house.
I guess if we get the solar water panels set up and have water just coming out of the ground we will be able to take lots of guilt free baths and showers.

Hats off to ACME Well Company!


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